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Dona Bears

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This page is supposed to be the Catalog page, but it is really hard to catalog something that will never be the same twice. Our hand made bears are as unique as you are. Your bear is not mass produced, so there will never be another like the one you order. You give me the specs of the bear you want, and when it is born, it will be the only one ever made. NEAT HUH?

As we add new product lines, we may add additional pages to our site.

We don't have many types of bears...we have immense types of bears only limited by your imagination. But there is a limitation on something. The sex. There are only two.

You can order either a:

1. Boy Bear
2. Girl Bear

This month's special:

Product 1 (#2311)


1345 Baltimore St
space # 40
Longview, WA 98632